Access79's CEO Featured in Thrive Global Article on Guide to Achieving Success

Access79's CEO Featured in Thrive Global Article on Guide to Achieving Success

We are delighted to share that our CEO and co-founder, Priyanka Murthy was featured in the Thrive Global article “Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolution? Here’s How to Get Back on Track.” The article features 38 trailblazing women who guide in achieving success when you have ambitious aspirations. 


In this feature, Priyanka provided tips on her strategy and advice on how to stay on track. Her strategy consists of making a New Year’s list that only includes four goals. For each goal, she lists the exact metric to success. And additionally, she recommends finding a tween that you can use to keep you accountable on both your resolutions and tactics. 

Priyanka mentioned, “I recommend tweens because they still have the brutally honest characteristics that young kids possess, yet they also have more adult-like evaluation and judgment skills than younger kids.” 



And as for the advice, she suggests congratulating oneself for having resolutions, to begin with, and for taking the time to intentionally craft them to set oneself up for success. 

She added, “Also if you can start early in crafting your resolutions. Start reflecting on key things in July and put pen to paper in October and refine in December. You want to start on January 1 ready to go!”




We also want to express our immense gratitude to Hannah McCauley, from Dreamers & Doers, for writing the piece. And Ariana Huffington from Thrive Global for selecting our CEO to be featured on it! 

You can read the entire article from Thrive Global at this link:


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