Top 8 Kid Friendly Jewelry Pieces

Top 8 Kid Friendly Jewelry Pieces

Although, that begs the question, is there such a thing? 


YES! These pieces are our stylists' tried and true. Whether you’re a mom of a 3-year-old or a 30-year-old, these jewelry pieces are easy, breezy, and stand the test of time....and kids. Which is no small feat! 



Open Diamond Drop

Slim Diamond Eye 

 These huggies are designed to show off their sparkle. Their light weightedness gives them the feel of studs.  

These particular huggies have english locks as their closure. This means you won't have to worry about it falling out or having to search for the earring back. 



Dainty Diamond Circle 


White Frog


The fantastic part about these bracelets is they have jump rings. These will allow you to adjust the length of your bracelet.

For a snug fit, hook the clasp on the ring that is closest to your wrist. This will allow the bracelet to be comfortable but not loose enough for little fingers to pull at. 


Freshwater Pearl 


Paperclip Gold

Necklaces are the most challenging to keep out of a kid's grasp. We take great pains to work with designers who work with sturdy-yet-dainty chains that are practically child proof!  

We suggest choosing shorter chains and layering them with chains with large clips to help prevent tangling.



Baguette & Pave Diamond 


Liberation Diamond Band

Child-friendly rings are low-set so they don't knock into things and don't have too many prongs in the design. Ideally, look for bezel-set pieces crafted in 14k gold, which is more durable than higher karat gold. 

Stackables are a great option. They are small and dainty with smooth yet durable finishes.

If you see something you love or if you would like to see more, take our quiz and talk with your stylist. 


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