5 Best Places to Visit in Alaska

5 Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Our CEO and co-founder, Priyanka, went to Alaska on her summer vacation with her husband and four year old son. 

Alaska is like nothing I’ve ever seen before -- to me it is one of the few places in the US that is utterly un-disturbed by humans . There were portions of the state that are so untouched by humans that there are no roads, and where the number of animals on any given day far outnumber the number of humans.

Triumvirate Glacier

A massive, blue glacier with dusting of ash from the recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt volcano. Usually people fly over it to see, but we were lucky enough to be with expert pilots who landed us on the glacier itself.

Via Ferrata Alaska

A 1,200-foot iron path leading you up and down steep rock in the Tordrillo Mountains. I climbed the whole thing and it was the most amazing, fulfilling, and beautiful experience.

Capps Glacier

We sky-hiked to the glacier and trekked as a family, with our 4-yo collecting errant ice along the way. My favorite thing to do was racing with my son from one glacier to another and drinking the clean and fresh glacier water.

Katmai National Park

Home to the most iconic bear viewing in the world. We saw hundreds of bears, moose, and eagles. The most amazing part of the trip was when we were about to board our airplane to go back to our lodging and stopped in our  tracks because there was a BEAR blocking our plane. We just waited until it passed.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

This was an amazing remote lodge where we stayed. The staff was so excellent and experts at hiking and everything outdoors. We enjoyed most of the water sports — especially E-Foiling! The hot tub also was also a great relaxing reprieve after all sporting, and the views couldn’t be beat.

For the Alaska trip I focused on jewelry pieces that are sturdy, dainty, and second-skin. These were the pieces I rotated through during our 10-day trip.

Top-Left: Journey Blue Sapphire Necklace  Top-Right: Athena Diamond Stud Earrings

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