Brand Partner: Maison de Papillon

Brand Partner: Maison de Papillon

Access79 is extremely excited to partner with Maison de Papillon, a female-founded luxury clothing brand based out of New York, and learn a little more about incredible Co-Founders Shriya and Danielle. We dove in with an intimate Q&A about all things Maison de Papillon,the ins and outs of running a business, and, of course, jewelry.

Q: What inspired you to start Maison de Papillon?

Shriya: Both of us went to Parsons, the school of fashion. That’s where we met. We had a couple of classes together. We shared similar interests, we love to travel. We had a similar background because both of us were not fresh out of college. We had work experience, we had entrepreneurial experiences in our past lives. We just hit it off. We became friends first and each one of us wanted to create our own brand. Danielle wanted to do something related to lounge wear, I wanted to do something with travel wear. That’s when we thought, why don’t we just do it together? I mean, we eventually have similar aesthetics, similar visions. That’s when we decided to give it a try. At first, we even traveled together, we worked on projects together, and then we decided to just co-found the brand. That’s when Maison de Papillon came into existence.

DanielleMy whole idea was, there’s something in the market that’s lacking and I need to make it. I need to bring this to fruition, I need to bring it to the market. And that’s when we decided to launch in 2013.

Q: Describe the Maison de Papillon customer- what is she like?

Shriya: Maison de papillon  is a discerning woman who appreciates quality and understated luxury. She makes smart choices for her family and herself.

Danielle: The Maison de Papillon woman, is a woman on the go. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Her fashion sense is timeless, chic with an edge. She is a woman on the go and loves to travel.

Q: What’s your favorite piece/product from the collection/company?

Shriya: Bella reversible Slip Dress . It's a classic slip dress- a must have in your closet and can be worn two ways.

Danielle: I have so many favorites, it’s difficult to just name one. I would say my all time favorite is my Jesse Oversized shirt.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

Shriya: I like to start the day with some “me “ time sippin tea followed by a  good workout . Mornings are usually for all the emails to be answered and phonecalls to be made. During design phase right before a collection is launched I prefer working at nights.

Danielle: Everyday is a little bit different. I usually start the day working on administrative work, and my afternoon is filled with marketing and client appointments.

Q: Can you tell me about any obstacle you overcame in your career?

Shriya: Hurdles and obstacles are a part of any running business specially a startup. The biggest obstacle was to find the right people for the team.

Danielle: I would say we are still overcoming the brunt Covid has through. That being said, it really did help us with pivot, Project Gaia NYC. 

Q: What’s a big win you’ve had in your career?

Shriya: When you are constantly working towards a bigger goal you tend to ignore certain milestones which once you dreamt about. The pinch me moment is yet to come but opening a sustainability driven store in the Flatiron District of Manhattan during the Pandemic was definitely something to be proud of. When all the stores were shutting down and things were still indefinite, for us to pivot into a new direction and take a plunge was considered brave by many. We were determined not to fail!

Danielle: For me, the big win is having the opportunity to do what I love. I am also blessed to have the opportunity to work with incredible people on the daily. I have met some inspiring individuals throughout my career in fashion.

Q: One piece of advice you would give to others who may want to break into your space?

Shriya: Plan until the end. It’s very important to thoroughly research and plan well. Being spontaneous is good but a good business plan is something that you can always fall back on and it keeps you on track with your goals. Stay true to your vision and identity. You cannot please everyone.

Danielle: Be true to your brand and vision.

Q: What’s one word to describe your management/leadership style?

Shriya: Participative

Danielle: Empowering 

Q: Who’s your role model?

Shriya: Never thought I would say this but my Husband. I wish I had his focus and tenacity.

Danielle: My Sister, She is a marketing power house. I am very proud of her.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

Shriya: Simple, classic and comfortable. I love white.

DanielleI would call myself a minimalist, I love black of course. I don’t like anything which would date my look.

Q: You’re a client of Access79 - what’s your favorite piece?

Shriya: Alanis one liner diamond bracelet. It's so delicate and pretty. 

Danielle: The Hera Diamond Lariat, I love how feminine it makes me feel.

Q: Rings or earrings?

Shriya: Rings! Love the Maya Sapphire ring. It's simple and can be stacked with any other ring.

Danielle: I enjoyed stacking the rings Access79 sent. They really worked with my style, while being playful.

Q: Emeralds or diamonds?

Shriya: Emeralds and diamonds :)

Danielle: Diamonds, of course.

Q: What’s your definition of balance?

Shriya: "Less" of "Excess"

Danielle: A Chic Fil A Grilled Chicken nuggets and their waffle fries.

Q: By the way, do you think multitasking works?

Shriya: I don't think multitasking works at all. I believe it's messing up more than one thing at the same time. And it's scientifically proven :)

Danielle: Yes, but it’s not for everyone or good in every profession.

Q: Do you think women can have it all?

Shriya: Why not?

Danielle: Yes, but some mental compromise.

Q: Tell us one quote or mantra that you live by?

Shriya: "Imagine"

Danielle: Live everyday as if it’s your last.

Q: Who’s another female founder/female-founded company we should know about/who should know about Access79?

Shriya: Alyssa Founder of MiUSA clothing

Danielle: Elizabeth founder of Strangelove perfume brand. 


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