Celebrity Trends

Celebrity Trends

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? They all LOVE Access79 jewelry and designers! Don’t believe me? See for yourself! No, seriously, we have pictures! 

Access79 Designer: Milamore

How to Shop like the Stars

There are a million and three opinions out there about celebrities, but one thing will always be true: they’re trend setters. Whether it be ripped jeans and a T-shirt or boots with yoga pants, celebrities are known for their influence in the fashion world. Their opinions are paramount, and not just in the clothing industry! Jewelry is a huge part of the celebrity culture, and when it comes to accessorizing, who else would we want to get tips from? 


Desiree Diamond Ring & Demi Thick Diamond Ring


Trying to shop like a celebrity sounds daunting: I mean, not many people have personal stylists at their fingertips to find them the perfect earrings on a whim, not to mention the outrageous price tags! If you’re thinking it’s impossible to achieve that effortlessly elevated look, though, think again, because that’s where Access79 comes in. We are your personal stylists and, guess what, we are at your fingertips! Not only do we have curated collections of jewelry celebrities actually wear, but we have talented stylists that can help you achieve any look with the click of a button. From edgy to casual, modern to boho, we have the perfect pieces for you, not to mention styling guides for how and when you can wear the jewelry! All you have to do is take our style quiz, and we’ll do the rest… it really is that easy!

Speaking of celebrity trends…

Scarlett Diamond Curve Necklace & Jenna Diamond Necklace

Have you ladies heard of Denim & Diamonds? Listen, we don’t know where it started, but we’re totally here for it. Denim & Diamonds: it’s exactly what it sounds like! Pairing denim with diamond jewelry is the quintessential spring trend, and it’s the perfect example of how you can easily dress down with fine jewelry. Match a washed denim jacket with your favorite diamond necklaces or a pair of dark jeans with some brilliant diamond bracelets - there are so many options! If you still don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here are our top 7 choices for denim & diamond jewelry:

  1. Zoe Diamond dangle earrings
  2. Sienna Diamond huggie earrings
  3. Analise Diamond bangle bracelet
  4. Tail Ring
  5. Dawn Array Pendant necklace
  6. Lindsey Diamond cuff ring
  7. Open Circle Diamond bracelet

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