Emeralds: Antiquated or Ageless?

Emeralds: Antiquated or Ageless?

There’s no debate that emeralds are old - almost 3 billion years old. Cleopatra was known to love emeralds, and they became some of the most coveted gems in ancient Asian and South American Civilizations nearly 5,000 years ago. Their value and preciousness have withstood the tides of time, but there has never been a time quite like now. Modernization is the predominant conductor, whether it be technology, language, or entertainment, and jewelry trends are not immune. Most people have this antiquated idea of emeralds: set in old tarnished gold, worn by ancient empresses, representing an elite class far outside the reach of the average citizen. Well, we’re here to challenge that. Modern emerald jewelry is not hard to find, especially here at Access79, and here’s what you should be looking for. 

Emeralds and Diamonds… *Chef’s Kiss*


Emerald Cut Emerald Ring

If you want to make anything shine, just add diamonds. I think that’s something every girl learns from a young age, and it actually holds true here. Surrounding an emerald with diamonds not only adds a modern touch but also accentuates the vibrancy of the emerald. And you don’t have to have diamonds and emeralds in the same piece! Add an emerald band to the middle of a diamond band ring stack, or make your emerald earrings pop with a pair of diamond huggies. There are so many ways to incorporate diamonds into your emerald jewelry look that can modernize, accentuate, and add depth to your outfit.

Emeralds and Analogous Colors

Multi Cadence Necklace

If you don’t remember learning about analogous colors in that one middle school art class, don’t worry, we got you. If you take a look at the color wheel, analogous colors are those immediately to the right and left of your starting color. The harmonious nature of these tones are often serene and pleasing to the eye. Translated into jewelry terms, sapphires (blue) and peridot (light green) are analogous colors with emeralds (dark green) and will often look amazing when paired together. Just as with diamonds, stack sapphire and emerald rings and earrings, and layer sapphire and emerald necklaces for a smooth, vibrant, modern look.

Emeralds and Geometry

Duo Cuff

Don’t worry, there are no calculations necessary. Geometric jewelry is both modern and edgy, and adding emerald only improves that appearance! The natural structure of an emerald is a geometric lattice, and you can typically see that in the gem. Because of this, the geometric shape of the jewelry combined with the geometric gem structure creates an edgy, modern silhouette that reflects light and draws the eye.

Emeralds and Yellow Gold

I know what you’re thinking, emeralds and yellow gold are notoriously antique-y. Well, you’re right, they can be, but they can also be modern! How? Add diamonds, or sapphires, or interesting and geometric silhouettes. Yellow gold itself is an analogous color to the deep emerald green which is why that combination has been favored all these years, and why the combo will continue to be timeless. If you don’t know where to look for modern emerald jewelry, don’t worry, we can hook you up! Click [here] for our full selection of emerald pieces.




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