Five Unique Gemstone Jewelry Pieces -- Rings and Earrings For the Woman Who Has Everything

Five Unique Gemstone Jewelry Pieces -- Rings and Earrings  For the Woman Who Has Everything

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has graduated from wearing the classic daily pieces -- the round tennis bracelet, pave diamond studs, stackable diamond rings -- and is ready for her wow piece. She wants to strike a balance between pieces that are wearable but unique showstoppers.

Enter Arya Esha. Designed by Priyanka Murthy, Arya Esha boasts designs like no other, incorporating orbital motifs into stunningly unique pieces with vibrant gemstones and exceptional silhouettes. Positioned at the intersection of everyday essentials and statement jewelry, Arya Esha’s newest collection is guaranteed to captivate the woman who has everything.

Delphi Emerald Mini-Mini Ring

Adorned with a slanted row of diamonds across a vertically aligned oval cut emerald, the stunning Delphi Emerald Ring acts as a mini cocktail must-have that can be worn on the daily. Stack it with a simple diamond band ring or another ring from the Delphi collection for added character.

Delphi II Sapphire Mini-Mini Ring

A unique take on the classic oval cut, the sapphire in this is set in the more rare east-west fashion. It’s the perfect choice for a modern look. This ring will surely turn heads.

Brie Emerald Halo Ring

With a line of diamonds stretching around three quarters of the band and a unique profile view that will catch your eye, this stunning halo ring will quickly become a favorite.

Ares Emerald Mini-Mini Earrings

Surrounded by diamonds in a flame-like silhouette, these emerald earrings are a much-needed twist on the everyday stud. Subtle yet stunning, you can layer these with some diamond huggies to elevate your look.

Linx Oval Mini-Mini Stud Earrings

Last, but certainly not least, nothing says “need it” like a sapphire and diamond stud. Still sitting just above the earlobe, these intriguing sapphire earrings catch the light at just the right times and are necessary for the next date night.


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