Four Things You NEED to Know About Rose Cut Diamonds

Four Things You NEED to Know About Rose Cut Diamonds

Violets are Blue, Rose Cuts are Classic…

Low profile diamonds with 24 facets. Victorian era, an antique gem. Jeans and a T-shirt? Yeah, it goes with them! Low profile cut means a larger surface, if it’s meant to impress it will serve its purpose.


Rose Cut Diamonds: why are we obsessed?

We’ve all heard of the 4 Cs describing diamonds, and at least a few of us remember what those Cs stand for: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Cut, the first of the four and arguably the most important, is what gives a diamond its facets, resulting in the ability to reflect light. The more facets a diamond has, the more light it reflects and the brighter the gem appears to be. Most diamonds presented to consumers are brilliant cut, the typical flat topped gem you would expect to see in the Pink Panther movies. Appropriately named, brilliant cut diamonds can have up to 58 facets and reflect light, well, brilliantly. Rose cut diamonds, on the other hand, can have up to 24 facets and don’t resemble that typical  diamond shape.  Instead, they have a flat bottom and domed top, making them a lower profile stone. Rose cut diamonds  absorb  light and let it pass through the gem, creating a more subtle glow than a bright shine. Because of the lower facet count, rose cut diamonds come in a multitude of shapes, from pear to heart to round and kite shaped.

Diya Diamond Ring

Rose Cut Diamonds: top secret tip 

Because rose cut diamonds have flat bottoms and domed tops, most of their carat weight lives at the top of the diamond. This contrasts with the commonly-used brilliant cut diamond, whose weight is distributed through the bottom tip of the gem. This means that, when looking at a rose cut diamond and a brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight side by side, the rose cut diamond will look larger!

When should I wear rose cut diamonds?

Rose cut diamonds became popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras.  They represent an antique class of diamonds that are having a moment now. . Although still pretty rare, rose cut jewelry are the perfect everyday pieces that combine antique elegance with modern shapes and settings. The subtle hue of the diamond makes the pieces perfect for a casual jeans and blouse outfit while the elegant profile of the gem doubles as the quintessential addition to a formal look. 

Lexa Diamond Bar Necklace & Scarlett Diamond Curve Necklace


Where can I find rose cut diamonds?

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