Hoop Dreams Discover gold hoops in unique shapes

Hoop Dreams Discover gold hoops in unique shapes

Accessories play a significant role in looking polished daily, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The easiest way to achieve this is to invest in fine jewelry pieces that you can wear for the different days of the week, multiple times to be paired back for almost every outfit. In this case, we look to our reliable pieces, such as hoop earrings in various shapes, to curate our sartorial picks with.

With the abundance of hoop earrings made available to us today, it’s becoming more apparent that it’s the era for this style. The circular shape of hoop earrings brings a distinct and flattering softness that complements every look. They’re suitable for almost every occasion, from Zoom meetings to dinner parties, as well as special holidays. Along with its design is its ability to be played up in not only feminine takes but also unique and edgy ways.

Lightweight, timeless, and versatile, one can never go wrong with these hoop earrings crafted with solid gold and designed with structure. They’re timeless, perfect for everyday use, and complement your daily outfits with ease.

1. Polish up with statement gold earrings

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Adorning yourself with statement gold earrings isn’t always all about the drama or the flair. Sometimes, it means picking out a fine jewelry piece made with quality material and is crafted with interesting details. To boot, statement gold hoops can come in the form of sleek, polished, 14K hoop danglers that are meant to match whatever style mood you’re in. 

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Fashion-forward, stunning, and an all-around crowd-pleaser, the Siya Gold Dangle Earrings can enhance your outfit with its easygoing yet charming design. This piece makes a subtle statement with its double hoops, making your plain turtleneck winter look into a sleek number that’s effortlessly chic. As you wear this piece, no one can miss out on you in the room.

2. Host an ear party with a short dangler

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Creating your ear party has become a notable trend looking to stay for a really long time. Ear parties are meant to be a fun and exciting styling method that anyone can pull off. It brings a whole other edge into your look, but they’re also suitable for work, evening parties, or even pot-luck dinner sessions with friends at home. All you really need are the right pieces to go together. 

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With the Malia Gold Short Dangles, dress up those piercings with studsstones, as well as ear cuffs, and climbers. Not made to be subtle, you can fully dress up one ear, and keep the other ear almost bare. You can perhaps mix metals such as brass and gold or yellow gold with rose gold. The choice is yours when it comes to curating cool combinations. Remember that having fun, just like in any other party, is key to enjoying every second of it.

3. Keep it simple with oval hoops

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Fool-proof and stylish, go for a classic look with an uncomplicated twist. Gold hoops are meant to elevate even your most casual looks, but they can also be paired up with a more formal outfit for grander social events. For example, you can cop this quick errands style: Wear a plain white t-shirt, high-waist denim jeans, booties, apply that red lip, and the Marla Gold Hoop Earrings oval danglers for instant glam. Lastly, layer that trench with you for added flair without all the fuss. Keep things simple yet well put-together. After all, no one has to know that this ensemble is your last-minute go-to.

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And, for more formal occasions, these oval hoop danglers would make for a great addition to an elegant evening dress, or even a heavily embellished number. What makes gold hoops great is that they can blend in so well for almost anything, as they either elevate or balance your whole outfit. Its simplicity stretches its versatility, making the experience worth your every cent. No doubt, this no-brainer belongs to you.

If you see something you love or if you would like to see more, take our style quiz and talk with your stylist. 


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