Iconic Pearl Jewelry

Iconic Pearl Jewelry

Pearls: the antithesis of the modern jewelry look… or are they? Everybody knows (and dreads) the day when their great-great-great-grandmother’s pearls are passed down to them. Such a meaningful sentiment overshadowed by the antiquity of the jewelry, and another gift you feel the need to keep but never the need to use. For such a stunning and unique gem, the beauty is often associated with the past- that is, until now. Modern Pearl Jewelry is real - yes, real- and we have the best selection of it. From layering pearl lariats to stunning pearl cocktail rings, we’ve got it all, and for those of you born in June, you can finally show off your birthstone in a modern, fashionable way.

Big Hoop Pearl Stud Earrings, Single Pearl Round Hoop, Single Pearl Square Hoop, Double Pearl Wire Cuff Ring, Single Akoya Pearl Stackable Ring

Pearls: What's the Deal?

Although paling in comparison to diamonds, pearls can be very valuable and naturally hard to come by. In fact, most pearls used in fine jewelry are created through some means of human intervention, usually involving mollusk farms, and finding a single wild pearl takes hundreds of oysters and a good deal of patience. Pearls are mostly calcium carbonate, and are actually an “immune response” from the mollusk, a resultant of a foreign particle entering the shell. The uniqueness of the pearl comes from the fact that it is the only fine gemstone found in a living object, and the pearl itself doesn’t need to be polished or ground to be used.

Flirty Pearl Lariat Necklace, Large Tahitian Pearl Ring, Pearl Stack Ring, Pink Freshwater Pearl Ring

Why Should I Buy Pearls?

Pearls, while not the strongest of gems, exemplify femininity, resilience, and fertility, and have often been a symbol of wealth. They are also, of course, the June birthstone! The symbolism behind pearls make them perfect gifts for momentous occasions, whether it be a wedding, graduation, or birth of a child. They are also more affordable than their diamond counterparts.

Where Can I Find Modern Pearl Jewelry?

Like I said before, modern pearl jewelry does exist, and we’ve got an amazing selection. Whether you’re looking for gifts or a “treat-yoself” piece, we’ve got you covered! Our modern pearl jewelry from designer Victoria Six (a female lawyer!!) combines flowing lines, elegant silhouettes, and intriguing detail to exhibit the brilliance of pearls and take the “antiquated” out of pearl jewelry. Check out all of our pearl pieces here, and enjoy 10% off your purchase when you sign up to receive our emails!


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