Jewelry Personality Quiz Learn your personal style

Jewelry Personality Quiz Learn your personal style


It’s the driving force behind every decision you make, so why is it so hard to figure out? You hear surprise from your friends at your fondness of something because “it just doesn’t really fit your personality,” but if you like it doesn’t that make it your personality? So you decide to take a personality quiz online and it spits out an answer, one vague enough to explain most of your behaviors but pointed enough to give you a single curveball response that you don’t relate to, an answer that makes you start questioning everything. Suddenly, you don’t know left from right. Time stands still, you start wondering if your dog can understand you, and you question whether everybody actually sees the same color green. You’re having an existential crisis, the second this week, and no amount of wine will save you, all because you decided to take an online personality quiz. 

Here’s the thing: Our Jewelry Personality Quiz is different.

What is a Jewelry Personality Quiz?

Unlike normal personality quizzes, we aren’t going to try and loosely dissect your psyche to figure out what type of partner you’re looking for or how amicable of an employee you’ll be. All we care about is luxury jewelry and figuring out how to match you with pieces of luxury jewelry that you will absolutely love. That is where the Jewelry Personality Quiz comes in. This quiz is like no other, for starters, because you actually have the option of speaking to a real person. Revolutionary, we know. But aside from that, we value your inputs more than anything, and our jewelry personality quiz is one of the easiest ways for those just being introduced to fine jewelry to skip the overwhelming sensory input stage and simply find the perfect pieces for them.

How is our Jewelry Personality Quiz Different? 

How do we do this? We ask questions relevant to you! Lifestyle questions, preference questions, love/hate questions. Don’t like yellow gold? That’s cool, we’ve got white and rose gold too! Don’t know what the heck a black opal gem looks like? No worries, we show photos alongside every question so you can see exactly what you’re a fan of. You’ll have the opportunity to go through jewelry that matches your results to see if any of them fit your fancy and if they don’t, it’s okay! You can re-tailor your results in the quiz

Where do the Jewelry Personality Quiz Results Go?

Well, that’s simple: they go straight to one of our talented jewelry stylists! We never liked the idea of fully automated style quizzes because, let’s face it, sometimes you like things that are outside of your typical tastes. Our stylists are not only familiarized with all of the jewelry at Access79, but are trained to use the results from your jewelry style quiz to create organic, effortless looks for special occasions, birthday gifts, or even just casual lounge days. That’s the beauty of jewelry- you can find any occasion to wear it. 

What Happens Once I’ve Found the Pieces I Want?

A few things can happen after you’ve completed your style quiz. First, you could purchase those pieces right off our website! We make it extremely easy, and your stylist will do all the work- all you need to do is love the jewelry! The second option is receiving a “try-before-you-buy” box with 3 of your top picks, complete with ring sizing guides and a handwritten note from your stylist of recommendations for those pieces. Try them out for 7 days- wear them around, show them off to friends, experiment with layering- and let us know what you think! If you love them, keep them, and if not, send them back and get another box. It really is that easy to find the perfect luxury jewelry pieces without the hassle!

Take the Access79 jewelry personality quiz to learn about your jewelry style and to discover the talented designers and unique jewelry pieces that fit your life and style.

Click Here to access our jewelry personality quiz: Jewelry Personality Quiz


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