Wedding Jewelry for the Whole Party

Wedding Jewelry for the Whole Party

Wedding season is upon us, and with all of these nuptials comes the need for accessories. Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or groom, in the bridal party, or just there for the open bar, you need to look the part without breaking the bank (or upstaging the bride herself!). Finding the perfect luxury jewelry for any occasion can be daunting, let alone for a wedding. It’s a good thing we make it super easy! Not only have we curated the perfect selection of wedding jewelry for every taste and style of wedding, but we’re also offering an amazing discount for buying more: up to 30% off! Check out our wedding collection here

Wedding Jewelry for the Bride

On this day of days, your wedding day, a day you’ve been planning for months, maybe even years, you need the right jewelry. Jewelry that not only fits your taste, dress style, and mother-in-law’s liking, but jewelry you can move in during the reception. Diamonds are the perfect way to go: classic, brilliant, and timeless. With multiple styles for every occasion, you can find dainty diamond pieces as well as stunning tennis bracelets that will shine in every photo and video, and add the perfect elevated touch to your wedding look. Worried about if your jewelry will match your dress? Don’t be! Order a try-before-you-buy box and get the whole look before the big day, keeping what you love and sending back the rest. It will probably be the simplest wedding-related thing you do!

Pat Emerald Arch Ring, Delilah Curved Diamond Necklace

Wedding Jewelry For the Bridal Party

The bridal party attire is just as important, as you will be forever ingrained in the digital fabric of a photograph on Facebook after the event is over… so why not look the part? Our wedding collection contains hand-selected pieces just for the bridal party- simple, slightly understated, and perfect for moving. Not only will your immortalized image look stunning, but you’ll feel confident too! Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your look, especially if those bridesmaid dresses cause grimaces as you walk by. Take the nerves out of shopping for your perfect bridal party jewelry and order a try-before-you-buy box. Trust me, it’s so worth it!

Oval Sapphire Serenity Ring

Wedding Jewelry for the Guests

Listen, being a wedding guest is hard work. Finding the perfect gift that 3 other people have already purchased, showing up to a free dinner, and trying to be the life of the party while the DJ plays slow songs? That’s tough! Figuring out what to wear beforehand is difficult too. Wanting to accessorize but fearing that your jewelry will be a one-time wear is so common. One of the best things about this wedding collection is that all of the pieces can effortlessly transition to everyday looks, from work attire to casual weekend outfits! Making an investment in fine jewelry should pay dividends for more than just one night (even if that night lives on in infamy)!

Kelsey Diamond Baguette Cluster Necklace 

Buy More, Save More

Personally, my favorite part of the wedding collection is if you buy 2 pieces from the collection, you receive 20% off your purchase and if you buy 3 or more pieces you receive 30% off your entire purchase! We’re taking the stress out of shopping for wedding jewelry, so don’t miss out! Have questions? Text or call us!

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